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Renewable Building Materials Hold the Opportunity to Grow the Next Generation of Building Products

There has been a rapid growth in research and innovation in the natural fibre composite (NFC) area for building materials. Interest is warranted due to the advantages of these materials compared to others, including low environmental impact, low cost and potential across a wide range of applications.

ThKenaf boardse construction industry accounts for approximately 40% of global energy consumption, and thus constitutes an important area for higher efficiency and energy savings. Efficiency has become an issue of the highest order in the effort to reduce energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.
Green-building practices are transforming the built environment. New materials with natural fibres, recycled content or low-VOC levels are helping to incrementally reduce environmental impacts.

Building products manufactured from rapidly renewable materials such as Kenaf, have tremendous potential to meet the industry’s demand for competitive greener products.

“Asia-Pacific and Oceania is the fastest growing regions for the natural fiber composites market with building & construction being the largest application market for natural fiber composites.”

Verde Kenaf fibre for the construction industry

Verde Kenaf fibre is proving to be a practical, inexpensive, fire-resistant construction material. Research already conducted by Verde Tech Group’s management team with kenaf fibre and the manufacturing processes to extend the capabilities and applications for building materials has already been completed. We have demonstrated that our building material products made with Kenaf fibre have superior strength, flexibility and economy of scale of composite building materials compared to wood fiber, rock wool and fibre glass.

Why Verde Eco boards

Kenaf bast fibres and Verde Eco boards are not only thinner but also over 3 times stronger than softwood fibres; such as pine, rubber and other soft timbers. By taking advantage of the natural strength characteristics of the bast fibre a significantly strong, light weight, flexible (if required) and flame proof board can be made.

The board has superior performance characteristics to competitive products in the market. In addition to this a typical density of 750‐800kg/m3 the kenaf fibre boards are over 3 times stronger than MDF or particle board. This means that for the same strength, customers can have a much thinner, lighter board.

Bending Modulus of Rupture

Bending Modules of Rupture

Sound Absorption Performance

Sound Performance

Heat Insulation Performance

Heat Insulation Performance

Verde Eco Board

Verde Eco Board is manufactured from strong resilient kenaf fibres. Our boards are up to 3 times stronger than other boards on the market and can be used across a range of applications. For further details please contact us below.

  • Our Eco boards are much lighter in weight with greater strength.

The Benefits of Verde Eco boards

  1. Up to 3 times stronger than other boards
  2. Light weight
  3. Mold resistant
  4. Insect/Termite resistant
  5. Flame resistant to 1300 Celsius
  6. Low emission of toxic fumes when subjected to heat
  7. All natural
  8. Studies have shown protection in earth quakes
  9. Can be used in a range of commercial and industrial application
  10. A renewable material that stores carbon throughout lifespan
  11. Moisture resistant
  12. Verde Eco board has excellent sound absorbing properties
  13. Made from 100% Natural Fibre

“Globally the building thermal insulation market size in terms of value is projected to reach $27.0 billion by 2020.”

K6 – Thermal and Sound Insulation

The need for energy conservation, reduction in electricity bills, and emission reduction potential of building insulation are key factors driving the demand for the building insulation products.

The global insulation market (about 85%) is mainly based on three types of insulation products: fiberglass, rock wool, and polystyrene. However the production of these synthetic materials is a strong contributor to carbon emissions and waste.  Unlike oil and glass based insulation, K6 kenaf fibre insulation is an all natural, renewable, non-toxic choice, that requires no protective clothing or respirators during installation.

K6 insulation is the most cost-effective measure to combat climate change. Proper insulation decreases the heat flow and can reduce cooling demand by up to 75%.

Our thermal and sound insulation is composed of kenaf fiber, and can be used for thermal insulation and sound insulation of cavity walls and ventilated roofs. It contains no polluting additives. It is a product easily reusable, and in a dis-assembly phase is completely recyclable.

The Benefits of K6 – Thermal and Sound Insulation

  1. High insulative performance
  2. Up to 5 times better performance than other leading brands
  3. Moisture resistant
  4. Mold resistant
  5. Insect/termite resistant
  6. Non-toxic
  7. All natural
  8. A renewable material that stores carbon throughout lifespan
  9. Flame resistant to over 1300 Celsius
  10. Can be used in a range of commercial and industrial applications
  11. No itching or irritation, smooth as silk
  12. Made from 100% Natural Fibre
  13. Lasts a minimum of 25 years
  14. Meets ASTM and Australian Standards

K6 – Thermal and Sound Insulation

Verde K6 – Thermal and Sound Insulation is thin, easy to work with and does not itch or irritate the skin like other products. It has superior insulation performance can be used in a range of commercial and industrial applications.  It is robust in handling for transportation and vapour permeable, which means it works well with other low-impact materials.

  • Verde K6 – kenaf natural fiber insulation can be produced in different thicknesses and as panels with higher density.

“The superior strength and heat resistance of using Kenaf fibre in building products, using IP manufacturing processes, will play a significant role in bioenonomic development.”

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