Sustainability Green GlobeThe world market for sustainable products, services and initiatives is worth billions of dollars and the biomass sector is one of the fastest growing in the renewable business sector. Governments and businesses around the world are rapidly uniting behind the sustainability movement and rafts of new legislation will accelerate this paradigm.

Several global studies in recent years have shown that there is sufficient, available land to produce significant amounts of biomass for biofuels and bioenergy without having an impact on food crops or encouraging deforestation.

Our Sustainable Business Model:

Sustainability StrategyVerde Tech Group’s primary objectives are to operate as a profitable and sustainable business. In doing so we seek to develop a business that helps protects the environment, sources feedstock and materials in a responsible and sustainable way, uses materials and energy efficiently, create a safe environment for our employees, and advances the social and economic conditions of the communities in which we operate.

Through innovating products and market opportunities that successfully combine performance and sustainability, we aim to enhance our competitiveness while operating a sustainable business model.

Just a few years ago, companies’ commitment to sustainability was clouded by the view that ‘doing the right thing’ was a barrier to performance and profitability. However, the worldwide corporate perspective has started to shift dramatically.

Today, it is widely acknowledged that sustainable innovation is now one of the key drivers of growth:

Creating smarter investments, products and services, is good for people, good for the planet and good for business.

Environmental and ethical best practices are embedded in Verde Tech Group’s sustainability strategy. However, enhancing and refining our supply chains happens not in the abstract but out in the field. Our partnerships with stakeholders, producers, plantations, farmers and cooperatives, dig deep into local issues, co-creating elegant solutions and long-term livelihoods.

Our Commitment is to:

Protect Biodiversity:

At Verde Tech Group we are committed to building a sustainable future. We aim to maximise the potential of agriculture, forestry and biomass and protect the biodiversity of the markets and regions we operate in. Verde Tech Group will not consider any opportunity that is extracted from areas of protected or vulnerable biodiversity nor invest in projects whose establishment has directly contributed to loss of high conservation value habitats, or threatened, protected or endangered species. We always work to ensure that any sustainable project does not create a loss of biodiversity through displacement of other activities and we use our influence to try to enhance biodiversity within existing operations wherever we work.

” All our biomass comes from forestry waste or local waste products from sawmills, agricultural residues, bioenergy crops and industrial residues, with little or no commercial value.”

Protect Food Crop Production:

We avoid considering high quality agricultural land which is more suitable for arable food crop production, we will not work with biomass opportunities where establishment has displaced food production that was important on either a local, national or global scale, nor procure biomass grown on land which has any other cultural, social or economic value, specific to the local community.

Provide Social and Economic Well-being:

We only evaluate projects that will directly contribute to the social and economic well-being of employees and the local population in areas where agriculture, forestry and biomass is grown or managed. We ensure all stakeholders employ best practise principles, to protect and where possible enhance soil, water (both ground and surface). We will not consider opportunities where water has been used unsustainably or irresponsibly for irrigation.

Implement Sustainable Business Practices:

From our perspective, compliance with sustainability standards also benefits our projects for any potentials subsidies for maximising income. With our partners, we adopt and educate additional voluntary certification schemes, so that they establish their own sustainability criteria and adhere to them.

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