Management Team

Verde Tech Group is an assembled group of talented and experienced professionals, our expertise comes from a wide variety of leading global institutions and innovative SME’s. Our management team shares an uncompromised dedication to excellence and integrity.

We provide first-class academic intelligence and proven management experience, with start-ups, high growth scalable businesses, governments, banking and renewable technologies.

Robert is the Founder/ MD of the Verde Group, an agribusiness & renewables focused company engaged in biomass production & supply for tropical forage in the beef & dairy cattle markets, with a strong focus on sustainability.

As CEO of Verde he has developed industrial and household products made from natural fibres that combined processing technologies with proprietary environment-enhancing agricultural applications.

He has strong technical, financial and managerial capabilities and is recognized as a leading expert in Kenaf-based industries. He has founded and served as director on renewable energy, food and property development company boards in Australia and throughout South-East Asia.

He previously worked with Kellogg, Brown & Root, a leading global engineering company. He is a graduate of the University of Queensland, Gatton Agricultural College, with studies in rural technology, land resources management and environmental engineering.

He has developed innovative product solutions in the Agri-manufacturing sector, for food security, green industrial products, and renewable energy. Robert is acknowledged for his passionate, corporate social responsibility credentials.

Robert has been a leading innovator, in the agricultural and environmental industries for over 15 years.

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