Is Time Running out for the World’s Tropical Forests?

global deforestationTropical forests have existed for more than 100 million years. If we do not act more responsible, enormous tracts of these ancient landmarks could disappear forever possibly within our children’s lifetime.

Today, day in and day out, forests, particularly in the tropics, are vanishing at an alarming rate. Every year about 13 million hectares are lost to deforestation, adding up to an area the size of entire countries. Cut, burned and slashed, they are being destroyed for profit, for pastures, for livelihoods and for survival.

“Consequently, good stewardship practices have become a necessity in order to prevent the total depletion of these natural resources.”

Conserving forest genetic resources is therefore vital, as they are a unique and an irreplaceable resource for the future.

At a time when there is a growing emphasis on climate change and environmental issues, forests and the timber products they produce, hold several advantages over other raw materials such as steel, brick and oil derivatives which require substantial amounts of energy to manufacture and have lower insulation properties.

Many people may think that harvesting trees is harmful and irresponsible. But with the sustainable management of tropical forests together with forestry plantations, trees and lumber can be a sustainable, profitable and renewable resource.

Timber has many positive benefits:

  • Absorbs carbon dioxide, the main cause of climate change
  • Stores carbon in the timber
  • Creates valuable wildlife habitat and biodiversity
  • Protects soil from erosion
  • Protects and cleans the water supply
  • Supports local communities
  • Provides leisure opportunities

Sustainable Forestry Projects


Verde Tech Group’s commitment to sustainability means we choose to work with sustainable forestry projects only. We work with forest management and plantation projects that are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable. The management of forests in the regions that we and they operate, are not just for the present they are for future generations.

In developing sustainable forestry management we can help to maintain genetic diversity and where possible protect rare species over the longer term.

Closed, completed projects and case studies in Europe and Southeast Asia have improved our process to recognize project strengths and weaknesses. With experienced forestry management partners applying transparent information flow, have ensured long-lasting and stable project structures.

We are responsible for whom and what we represent, so high social standards require that where applicable, forestry projects must be integrated into the existing cultural structures and share benefits with local communities.

We guarantee that practically no wood product is ever wasted. Nothing ends up in the landfill because we implement green technologies into our forestry management.

Forestry Project Management

Forestry ManagementWe and our partners can also give advice for sustainable plantation forestry. In particular we have experience with private projects in developing countries. We can also act as long term project manager for such projects.

The core of Verde Tech Group partners is an integrated approach of several areas of expertise. For this purpose we have experienced partners with forestry, ecological, financial and socio-ethical expertise.

Verde Tech Group and our partners offer different sustainable plantation forestry and ecological consultancy to our clients which include:

  • Plantation set up
  • Project pre-assessment
  • Nursery set up
  • Inoculation service (including inoculation substance)
  • Plantation management service
  • Overseas plantation management

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