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  • ¿Quiénes son los responsables de afrontar el cambio climático? October 2, 2017
    Source: Infobae – El cambio climático es probablemente el mayor desafío ambiental y social que enfrenta la humanidad, y que fue generado por el ser humano. Es un problema global que se resuelve en forma global, en donde existen muchos matices que hacen difícil el consenso entre los países respecto a las decisiones que deben […]
  • Consecuencias del cambio climático en los peces October 2, 2017
    Source: El tiempo – Una subida de 2°C altera la metilación del ADN y la expresión de genes claves para la supervivencia y el desarrollo. Este estudio ofrece una nueva visión sobre las consecuencias del cambio climático en los peces a través de modificaciones epigenéticas en todo el genoma
  • Could evaporation be the next renewable energy? October 2, 2017
    Source: Reuters – Wind and solar power are growing as sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, but storing renewable energy through the night, when the sun isn’t shining, or when no wind is rotating the turbines, remains a hurdle.
  • Figueres: “Estados Unidos pierde competitividad saliendo del Acuerdo de París” October 2, 2017
    Source: EFE Verde – La ex secretaria de cambio climático de la ONU que alcanzó el Acuerdo de París y actual directora del proyecto Misión 2020, Christiana Figueres, subraya que EE.UU. "se queda rezagado y pierde competitividad" abandonando el Acuerdo de París y cediendo a otros países el liderazgo de la economía baja en carbono.
  • Reducir la deforestación e incrementar captura de CO2 en el suelo, una estrategia climática y de seguridad alimentaria October 2, 2017
    Source: El Periódico – Las políticas climáticas que se centran en la agricultura y los bosques podrían llevar al aumento de los precios de los alimentos, pero reducir la deforestación e incrementar la captura de carbono en la agricultura podría reducir significativamente las emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero, evitando riesgos para la seguridad alimentaria, […]

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  • Mayor: PG&E assets are ‘great’ opportunity to bring clean energy to San Francisco April 18, 2019
    San Francisco Mayor London Breed wants to use PG&E Corp.’s bankruptcy to take over some of the company’s assets for the city’s power needs, a move that would shake up California’s largest utility and remake the state’s energy landscape.
  • Three strategies for building solar and wind energy systems on potentially contaminated lands April 17, 2019
    Building solar and wind energy projects on potentially contaminated lands can be a golden opportunity, both effective and cost-effective, for developers. The 120-acre Reilly Tar & Chemical Corporation Superfund site was recently redeveloped with a utility-scale solar farm and is a prime example of the reuse potential inherent in thousands of Superfund sites, brownfields, retired […]
  • In Northeast, more research needed on offshore wind’s impact on fishing April 17, 2019
    As plans for wind farms across New England’s waters progress, fishermen continue to express concerns about the impact of the burgeoning offshore wind industry on their livelihoods.
  • Vermont utility launches vision for 100 percent renewable energy by 2030 April 17, 2019
    This weekend at its “Earth Day Every Day Fair,” Green Mountain Power announced an energy vision to have a 100 percent carbon free energy supply by 2025 and 100 percent renewable energy by 2030. The utility said the move is among the most aggressive carbon targets for a utility of GMP’s size in the country.
  • Get ‘renewable therapy’ during next week’s Solar Education Week April 12, 2019
    The Redford Center, a California-based non-profit co-founded in 2005 by Robert Redford and his son, James, announced that every morning, from April 15-22, 2019, the organization will post an episode a day of "Renewable Therapy for Climate Anxiety," a conversational mini-series featuring Filmmaker, James Redford, and Matthew Nordan, clean energy investor and managing partner at […]

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  • Renewable Energy: Americans Are Optimistic, But Not Quite Right November 16, 2016
    Turns out that Americans are a bit overly optimistic about the role that renewable energy plays in the U.S. The average American believes that 20 percent of the country’s energy use comes from renewables—11 percent from solar and 9 percent from wind.
  • From Pet Project to Partner: O&G Investment in Solar August 23, 2016
    When I began my career 37 years ago, the main use of solar panels was on satellites — almost no one on Earth used solar energy. Oddly enough, the best place to be a solar engineer in the 1970s was at a large O&G company.
  • Women Engineers Still Desperately Needed December 9, 2015
    In 1984, when this year’s POWER-GEN 2015 Woman of the Year Kim Greene started engineering school, about 16 percent of her class was made up of women. Today, more than 30 years later, that number has jumped to just 18 percent. Greene, the Chief Operating Office of Southern Company was one of three finalists for […]
  • The Latest Sign That Coal Is Getting Killed July 13, 2015
    Coal is having a hard time lately. U.S. power plants are switching to natural gas, environmental restrictions are kicking in, and the industry is being derided as the world's No. 1 climate criminal. Prices have crashed, sure, but for a real sense of coal's diminishing prospects, check out what's happening in the bond market.
  • Financing Electric Vehicle Markets in New York and Other States July 9, 2015
    The process of sowing the seeds of electric vehicle infrastructure — and thereby creating a backbone of charging stations that can support these vehicles — is still in its infancy. A new report outlines the technologies and business models necessary to ramp up growth in the electric vehicle (EV) market in the United States. It also explores […]