Project Management

Project-ManagementOur project management experience covers the vertical connected business sectors within the agriculture, forestry and biomass industries. Our teams of specialists are 100% dedicated to sustainable projects. We combine academic intelligence with project management experience.

The knowledge and experience of our management, partners and consultancy team at Verde Tech Group mean we have a strong understanding of the basic functions of project value chains.

We also understand that each project opportunity has its own characteristics and our approach is such that it always complies with the needs of all parties.

Our project management areas of expertise and broken into three key competencies:

Forestry Project Management

We can give advice for sustainable plantation forestry. In particular we have experience with private projects in developing countries. We and our partners can also act as long term project manager for such projects.

Verde Tech Group partners can offer different sustainable plantation forestry and ecological project management consultancy which include:

  • Plantation set up
  • Project pre-assessment
  • Nursery set up
  • Inoculation service (including inoculation substance)
  • Plantation management service
  • Overseas plantation management

Agribusiness Project Management

We understand the agribusiness market and the issues and challenges that drive performance. Verde Tech Group has a network of agribusiness industry experts across various sectors, including feedstock providers, bio-based products, growing and sourcing, harvesting and transport and distribution.

We leverage our management’s expertise and we work jointly with agricultural companies to address opportunities across agriculture sectors including:

  • Agricultural Fibre & Producers
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Bioenergy Crops
  • Bio Pellets & Biofuels
  • Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Innovative Crop Management
  • M&A

Biomass Project Management

Verde Tech Group and our partners offers a broad range of project management and consultancy services for bioenergy feedstock and the development of environmental products using biological material for the biomass products marketplace. Verde Tech Group has a developed knowledge of utilizing a wide variety of agricultural feedstock specific to the Asia Pacific and Australasia region.

Verde Tech Group partners can also provide research, analysis, and assistance in commercialising new energy technologies for public and private sectors, with particular focus on biomass and bioenergy sustainable products.

Our partner’s offer a comprehensive package of consulting and implementation services relating to biomass and bioenergy project development.

We can help facilitate the successful development of renewable biomass and bioenergy projects through the following services:

  • Project identification
  • Technology evaluation
  • Resource and energy demand assessment
  • Statutory consents including planning
  • Contract preparation
  • Project management.

Why choose Verde Tech Group

Verde Tech Group partners can help reduce risk, assure quality and ensure completion of projects on time and on budget. Plus, you’ll want the quality to be assured. As a result, they can help you coordinate and manage every step of your project from review, appraisal, procurement, project supervision, verification and inspection, right through to testing and commissioning.

Way’s we can help you:

  • Reduce technical risks
  • Prevent errors
  • Control budgets
  • Keep your project within the planned schedule
  • Manage the project after completion
  • Comply with all regulatory applicable requirements.

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