Investing in Growth

Investing In GrowthOur strategy is to combine our industry expertise with our ability to commit capital to transactions in order to secure opportunities and attractive returns for our shareholders.

Overall, these assets are expected to grow, at a minimum of 15 percent per annum, over the next ten years as they benefit from competitive technologies, favourable energy and environmental policy trends. Part of Verde Tech Group’s future strategy, is to acquire controlling interests in development and operating assets and may from time to time sell individual projects or groups of assets, to take advantage of strategic opportunities.

Furthermore, the company is actively reviewing a wide range of other renewable and sustainable opportunities as within these market segments are a diverse mix of alternative technologies, sustainable product solutions and new ways of thinking by entrepreneur companies that have potentially game-changing technologies.

We benefit from a proactive and focused business development strategy and by enhancing sustainable development, as part of our investment policy in sectors we have evaluated, we have detected attractive opportunities for investment.

Regional Growth

Our Growth Strategy

Geographically, we expect our growth to come from Australasia, South East Asia and Europe. Many markets in these regions have attractive existing renewable energy policies and operating platforms, allowing us to integrate operating or project development-stage renewable and sustainable assets.

Within each of these regions, our growth strategy is focused on the higher-value markets, with strong market fundamentals, attractive demographics and long term growth potential.


Value Creation

global economyTo achieve this requires us to often work closely with management teams and our corporate partners. When required they are supported by our management team who capitalise on strong vertical sector knowledge to seek out value creation opportunities.

The steady growing upward trend in the renewable, sustainable and clean technology sectors, as an asset class over the long term will help us meet our overall vision.

Our directors, management team and board of advisors, have both the experience and resources needed to perform critical due diligence on multiple projects, only selecting those that prove to be financially sound.

We select and appropriately diversify our assets within our guideline principal of renewable and sustainable development. Diversification plays an important role in managing the company’s assets risk. By spreading the asset holdings out across different geographic areas and businesses means we can achieve the desired risk/reward ratio.

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