Who We Are

Verde Tech Group’s management team work with a stable network of associates, at both national and international levels that are developing agriculture, forestry, biomass and biofibre technology businesses that are sustainable, profitable and scalable.

Over the past twenty years the management team has been involved in successful renewable and environmental businesses.

From the early days, the subjects of the environment, clean technology, energy and sustainability have moved from the periphery to the center of the global economy.

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Today we are working with established and emerging companies, along with private funds and venture capital firms that like us are making sizable investments as they stake out their areas of the market.

“Governments have made renewable energy, energy efficiency and food security key components of both environmental policy and economic development.”


Our mission is building a portfolio of renewable and sustainable assets that are at a minimum, climate neutral, profitable and contribute to the sustainable development of the communities we work with.


To achieve our vision we have set ourselves an ambitious but realistic target. To realise a market valuation of $500 million dollars consisting of renewable energy and biofibre projects by 2020.

Why Climate Change is an Opportunity


Climate Change Scientific ConsensusWhen it comes to climate change everyone has an opinion as we do, the questions people have are limitless. Some of these questions are scientific, some are economic, some are political, and some are moral. Some questions have answers today, and some won’t be answerable for decades.

With this in mind a good starting point and an informative section on climate change can be found here: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-24021772

Whether you believe it to be man-made or not, climate change presents a formidable challenge to the world and the global economy.

However, climate change also presents an opportunity. In the developed world, SMEs are crucial in renewable sustainable innovation and activity. Our experience and evidence suggests that SMEs in emerging economies as well are now following suit. Today many emerging markets are getting supported by appropriate government policies and support structures to help them take advantage of the lucrative opportunities that exist.

An example of this is that governments across the world are continuing the push for greater renewable energy contributions to supply domestic electricity demand.

“ The most recent IPCC report says fossil fuels without carbon capture should be “phased out” by 2100.”  “It also suggests renewables will have to grow from their current 30% share to 80% of the power sector by 2050.”